In this process, certain herbal oils, medicated milk etc are poured in a continuous stream on the forehead, while receiving a gentle massage on the head. Sirodhara rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and mind.

This therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, slows the aging process, improves memory.



Abhyanga is a full body massage is done with medicated herbal oils by two therapists in a synchronized manner for 45 minutes. The number of strokes and pressure vary with the condition of the individual. It increases the metabolism, which leads to better tissue respiration and circulation, causing the body to flush out its waste products more efficiently.



A gentle, synchronized massage of up and down is carried out on all parts of the body other than the head are subjected to this treatment. The patient should lie on the treatment table and two to four trained therapists perform the massage under the supervision of a physician. It is administered in seven standard positions, so that no area of the body is left uncovered.


Elakizhi (Pathrapotala Sweda)

ELAKIZHI is an innovative classical massage with medicated leaves and is used to tackle joint pain, muscle cramps, stress and arthritis. All the above-mentioned treatments can be done in a perfectly healthy person as well so as to enhance his/her immunity, vitality and longevity of life.



Nhavarakizhi is a treatment using medicated cow’s milk-porridge (medicinal rice called navara) made into a bundle (kizhi). The bundle (kizhi) are dipped in the mixture of milk and herbal decoction and applied all over the body to induce sudation (sweat).

This procedure is highly rejuvenating, nourishing and prepares the individual to bear the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle.

Podikkizhi (Choorna Swedam)

Podikizhi is a very relaxing massage performed with herbal powder made from a potent mixture rejuvenating herbs. Here different herbs are powder and kept in woolen cloth (kizhi) it is made warm in a pan with the help of medicated oils.

Udwarthanam (Powder massage)

This is a typical deep and dry massage using herbal powders. Unlike other massage Udwarthana is against the course of hair follicle and towards the direction of the heart.

This procedure helps in the stimulation of the adipose tissue hence resulting in the breakdown of unwanted fat from the body.


Kativasti is a special type of low back therapy or lumbar therapy. The word Kadi stands for low back or waist and Vasti , for containing or retaining something inside. Kativasthi is an Ayurvedic lumbo-sacral rejuvenation therapy using hot oil or herbal decoctions.

Benefits are reduces pain and inflammation, deeply purifies and improves blood circulation around lumbosacral area.

Herbal Steam Bath

A gentle application of warm herbal oil is first done over the body. Next the individual is made to sit, keeping the head out, inside a steam chamber that lets out herbal steam from medicinal herbs makes the individual perspire profusely that promote cohesion between cells. The steam will removes skin acne by cleansing and dilating the pores and washing out accumulation.


Nasya is a great treatment for any pain or discomfort in the shoulders, neck, face and head (e.g. sore neck/shoulders, headaches, allergies, congestion, loss of smell, sneezing, sinusitis) The face, shoulders and chest are massaged with specific herbal oil and made to perspire. The Herbal extracts/herbal oil in exact doze is measured and instilled into the nostrils, while inhaling.


During this treatment, a long, thick layer of cotton wool soaked with warm medicated oil is applied over the affected area. The oil is replaced periodically to keep it warm and therapeutic. Pichu, one of the Purvakarma therapies, is considered an effective treatment for diseases of the cranial nerves arising from Vata disorder. This therapy is very effective for degenerative and painful spinal problems. It is beneficial for mental wellness and spinal and nervous problems.