We are the best

Saiwellness is an authentic traditional ayurvedic Treatment Center situated in Sarjapura road, Dommasandra, Bangalore  ( 6 KM from Wipro at Sarjapura Road). Our Ayurvedic center and spa offers you the best of Ayurvedic treatments and medicinal massages for healing and rejuvenation. We are imparting medical treatment even for the most difficult curable diseases and modern day maladies like respiratory problems, eye ailments and skin diseases through the methods of traditional Ayurveda, Ottamooli & Nature Care.

We Offer

At Saiwellness, we provide Ayurvedic body massage (Abhangam) & Steam Bath, Shirodhara,  Nasyam, Kizhi, Kadivasti, Pizichil, Pichu, Sarvaga dhara,  Panchakarma therapies & western therapies. We do not charge any fee for consultation.

  • Consultation (Traditional)
  • Pharmacy (All reputed company products)
  • Body massage
  • Ayurveda Traditional treatments
  • SPA Rejuvenation & Beauty Therapies.

We have our own Ayurveda & Spa Training Academy

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